Can I use green beans purchased outside of the Bonaverde marketplace?

Yes! With the launch of our digital Coffee Concierge, we have opened our ecosystem to any green coffee. 

However, you will find within the Concierge that we have also created custom roast profiles for the beans that we make available to customers from our US Store and our EU Store -- all the green coffee you find in the Bonaverde marketplace is sourced to be both high quality and at a price that is fair to the growers.


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  • Avatar
    Taylor O'Neal

    My understanding is that currently there is no option to use self-purchased green coffee but that it is planned for the future. Is that correct? If so, when is the estimate for that to be ready?

  • Avatar
    Arne Schwarck

    Could there not be a RFID that has a roast only profile? The Concierge does not work all the time but the RFID works straight away.

  • Avatar
    Taylor O'Neal

    Kind of confusing. So apparently, yes it is possible now with the concierge on Facebook Messenger? But in the future ""Every backer will receive a set of ten, infinitely reusable RFID chips to control the roasting of their machine. Each chip will be programmed to deliver a different roast intensity, such that you will be able to experiment with a full range of roasts, from very light to very dark. It will also open access to the machine so that you can use whichever green beans you want."

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