What do the red, green and yellow lights mean? What do the different beeps and sounds mean?

Here's a video on the meaning of the different light and signals:


Your Bonaverde Berlin has its own special language of lights and sounds, designed to make it easy to understand your machine’s processes and needs.

Here are some tips for when the circle on your scanner bad turns a particular color.

Green - Green lights are for affirmation! A green light means all systems are go, indicating either a successful scan or a freshly finished pot of coffee.

Blue - Blue lights are for water. Fill your water tank, press the round sensor, and the brewing should restart smoothly.

Yellow - Yellow lights are your machine’s request for a new air filter. Once the air filter is correctly replaced, the light should return to white.

Red -- Red lights indicate there is an issue or error.  It is important to also listen for a "beep" that will give you some indication of the problem. Here is a quick guide.

Red Light (and no beep) = Possible scan error.

If after a scan the machine flashes a single red light, you may have scanned the wrong tag. Wait for the round white light to come back on, press the round sensor, and scan again.

Red Light + Single beep = Roasting Chamber or Air Filter or Filter Drawer not inserted correctly

Check the Air Filter and silver skin container to ensure they fit snugly in their compartment (right side of the machine). Check the Roasting Chamber and Filter Drawer to ensure they are in their correct their positions.

Red Light + Two beeps = Something has gone wrong. 

Try resetting the machine by holding the sensor button for 5 seconds.  If this doesn't work, try unplugging the machine for 10 seconds and plugging it back in. 

All lights are turning red: If all lights on the machine turn red on plug-in, the machine may simply need to cool down after its last roast. Wait for the red lights to turn off and switch to a pulsing white light before starting your next pot of coffee.


If none of these remedies work, please contact the support team through




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