The Coffee Concierge (Facebook Messenger Bot) is not working, how do I troubleshoot?

If you are having trouble with the Coffee Concierge ( here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

First, let's be sure your machine is able to receive a signal from the network. Please be sure the machine is plugged in and then open and remove the roaster drawer. With the drawer removed, look deep inside your machine just below and to the left of where the drawer slides in/out and you should see a blinking red light. If the light is blinking every 2 seconds or so then the signal is capable of receiving a signal and the problem may be poor 3G connectivity in your area.

If you see the blinking red light every two seconds, here are some things you can do to try to troubleshoot:

  1. Be sure you are connected to Have you been prompted for your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity), a 15 digit number which for the Berlin usually starts with 35704? The IMEI is located on the bottom of your machine along with the serial number. If you have not yet connected then say Hello to the Concierge and we'll be sure we get you connected.
  2. If you have already connected, try a reset. Type in "Cancel" and this should reset the Concierge. You may be prompted to reenter your IMEI number but you should not need to be re-added as you will already be noted as an accepted user. If this doesn't work try typing "Get Started" and you should be prompted to re-enter your IMEI (you can also use this if you are trying to control another machine (e.g., if your friend has one too).
  3. You can also try typing "debug" and the bot will run a set of diagnostics. You can then share these diagnostics with our customer support team. Here are a few quick hints
    1. Is Connected: true - this means your machine is online (false means it is offline)
    2. Link Quality: Good or Poor with a number. If the value is >1 then it is medium quality. If value is 2 or higher it is definitely strong enough to run machine. If Link Quality is poor at 1 or less, please try relocating your machine.
    3. Last Report Happened - Shows when the machine was last online. It is in (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) format with no spaces
    4. Air Ventilation Filter status: true -- this means your air filter is fine, false means you need to replace it (and the lights at the bottom of the machine should glow yellow)

If you are still unable to connect, please complete this form.  

If the red light is blinking very quickly or not blinking at all please make note of this in the last question on the form.  This is extremely rare and most people just don't see the light the first time -- you really have to peer deeply into the machine!


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  • Avatar
    Marc van Driel

    How do you know if the connection was successfull?

  • Avatar
    Regina Hammerl

    Unfortunately none of these troubleshooting remedies worked, including the hard reset. I can only wait to get that badge instead.
    @Marc van Driel: From what I found out so far, you need to check if there is a red light blinking in the roasting chamber. If it is blinking, that means your machine lacks mobile connectivity, and therefore cannot connect to the Coffee Concierge. The machine apparently also needs a 3G internet connection. As I live in the country side, we have no 3G Wifi here yet (and won't have for quite some time). So my chances are zero to get this to work. Waiting for that badge now ...

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