Where is my rinse tag card?

We’re sorry our manual is a bit out of date, but the good news is, your machine does not require a full rinse cycle as we do a test rinse at the point of production.

Simply give the glass coffee jug and plastic water container a quick rinse in your sink before using the first time, and you are all set to enjoy your first pot of freshly roasted coffee!

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    Duck Grossberg


    Found this site after extensive Googling. Glad to have found it!
    A suggestion, you may have sent me the info about the beta web site sometime over the last three years, if so It has slipped my memory.

    Many of the questions I have been submitting to support are listed here, it is a great resource. Alerting the beta users of this site with the delivery of the machines may be a great way to alleviate stress and early adopter Jitters. If I would have seen this site the day I received my unit, I would have been way more comfortable and less stressed out with the initial experience of using my coffee maker.

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