Where is my Coffee Changer Badge?

Thank you for your message and sorry for any confusion about how to use your Berlin.  All EU badges were shipped in December and US badges shipped on January 3rd 2018. If you do not have a badge yet please contact and let us know.

Also, please note that if you have received beans without any individual pouches, you can use standard #4 filters (or gold filter) with your machine. You can compost your grounds and filters after use too!


Why did we move away from the RFID scan and add the Coffee Concierge?

As a company that has been built on crowdfunding, we are always trying to respond to the demands of our customers. When all our coffee was packaged in "one-time use" pouches with RFID tags that were scanned into the machine people loved the convenience, but hated being "locked in" to only one way to use the machine and only one roast option.

As such we released on Facebook messenger which allowed us to provide multiple roast profiles and give people the chance to use green beans sourced from us directly (US StoreEU Store) or from wherever they wanted to get green beans. the tradeoff is that we no longer have a simple "scan and go" solution with the pouches.

We really appreciate your joining us on our mission to change coffee!

All the best from Team Bonaverde!


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