Roaster Drawer Open, No Connection

If you are getting a "roaster drawer open" message on the Coffee Concierge or you ran a 'debug' and got No Connection below are some steps to take to try to fix the problem.


First, let's be sure your machine is able to receive a signal from the network. With the machine plugged in open and remove the roaster drawer. With the drawer removed, look deep inside the machine (below and to the left of where the drawer slides in/out) and you should see a blinking red light. If the light is blinking steadily every 2 seconds or so then your machine is capable of receiving a signal.  The issue may be weak 3G coverage in your area. 

Second, if you see the blinking red light every two seconds or so and your machine is still not functioning properly, please type "debug" into the Coffee Concierge to run a set of diagnostics. Please check the following.

Is Connected: false - this means your machine is offline (true means it is online) and the Coffee Changer Badge should be able to reset this as indicated above.

Last Report Happened - Shows when the machine was last online. It is in (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) format with no spaces.

Third, if the red light inside the machine is blinking steadily every 2 seconds, Is Connected is "false" and the Last Report shows a date from a few months ago please click here to report your issue.

If you observe any other blinking pattern or no blinking of the red light inside your machine (this is very uncommon) please also complete the above form and make a note of this in the final question.


Why did we move away from the RFID scan to the Coffee Concierge?

When all our was coffee packaged in "one-time use" pouches with RFID tags people loved the convenience but hated being "locked in" to only one way to use the machine and only one roast profile. As such we released on Facebook messenger which allowed us to provide multiple roast profiles and give people the chance to use green beans sourced from us directly (US StoreEU Store) or from wherever they wanted to get green beans.

We have shipped all crowdfunding backers "forever RFID" (aka the Coffee Changer Badge) to use in addition to the Coffee Concierge for when you have a weaker cellular signal, don't have your phone, or just want to scan and go!  For those of you in the US, the cards, and the additional coffee you were promised shipped the first week in January 2018.


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